2x Leadtrend LD7750 LD7750GS High Voltage PWM Controller Chip IC


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High Voltage Green-Mode PWM Controller with Over Temperature Protection

 The LD7750 integrates several functions of protections, and EMI-improved solution in a SOP-8, SOP-7, or DIP-8 package to minimise the component counts and the circuit
 The device provides functions of low startup current, green-mode power-saving operation, leading-edge blanking of the current sensing and internal slope compensation. Also, the LD7750 features more protections like OLP (Over Load Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection), and OTP (Over Temperature Protection) to prevent the circuit being damaged under the abnormal conditions. The LD7750 features built-in auto-recovery function for OVP on Vcc pin and OLP.
Furthermore, the LD7750 features frequency swapping to depress radiation noise, providing an excellent solution for EMI filter design.