2x REALTEK ALC105-GR ALC105 3W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier Chip

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Please note fitting require good skills and equipment.

Item is not refundable if been used, please check chip before fitting.


General Description

The ALC105 is a stereo Class-D audio amplifier with a typical 4 speaker impedance, a 5V power supply, and maximum output power of 3W per channel. The ALC105 provides configurable input to output gain ratio, with no external components required.

For input signals, the system designer can easily choose 11dB, 14dB, 19dB, or 25dB boost gain by pulling high/low two control pins. With Class-D amplifier technology, the ALC105 offers good audio quality, high power-efficiency, and requires fewer external components. With analog input support, the ALC105 can also be used as a Class-AB amplifier.

The ALC105 can output power directly to the speaker, with less power dissipation inside the silicon. This high efficiency with less run-time power consumption can greatly extend the battery life of portable consumer electronic devices and notebook PCs.