2x XPOWERS AXP228 Enhanced Single Cell Li-Battery and Power System Management IC


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AXP228 is a highly integrated PMIC targeting at single cell Li-battery(Li-ion or Li-polymer)applications that require multi-channel power conversion outputs. It provides an easy
and flexible power management solution for multi-core processors to meet the increasingly complex and accurate requirements on power control.

AXP228 comes with an adaptive USB3.0-compatible Flash Charger that supports up to 94% efficiency and 2.2A charge current. It also supports 21 channels power outputs (including 5-CH DCDC, with efficiency up to 95%). To ensure the security and stability of the power system, AXP228 provides multiple channels 12-bit ADC for voltage/current/temperature monitor and integrates protection circuits such as OVP,UVP,OTP,OCP. Moreover, AXP228s features a unique E-Gauge™ system, making power gauge easy and exact.

In addition, AXP228 embraces a fast interface for the system to dynaically adjust output voltage and enable work mode switch so that the battery life can be extended to the largest extent.

Besides, AXP228 features an IPS™ (Intelligent Power Select) circuit to transparently select power path among USB, external adaptor, Li-battery, and system load, making it possible for the system to work normally when only external input power but no battery is available.