2x ACTIVE-SEMI ACTIVE 8846QM BB846QM Advanced PMU Chip

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Advanced PMU for Multi-Core Application Processors

    The ACT8846 is a complete, cost effective, and  highly-efficient  ActivePMU TM  power management  solution optimized for the power, voltage  sequencing and control requirements of  Rockchip  RK31x8 application processor family.   The ACT8846 features four fixed-frequency,  current-mode, synchronous PWM step-down  converters that achieve peak efficiencies of up to  97%. These regulators operate with a fixed  frequency of 2.25MHz, minimizing noise in sensitive  applications and allowing the use of small external  components.  These buck regulators supply up to  2.8A of output current and can fully satisfy the  power and control requirements of the multi-core  application processor. Dynamic Voltage Scaling  (DVS) is supported either by dedicated control pins,  or through I2C interface to  optimize the energy-per- task performance for the processor. This device  also include eight low-noise LDOs (up to 350mA  per LDO), one always-on LDO and an integrated  backup battery charger to provide a complete  power system for the processor.

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