ANPEC APL5338XAI-TRG APL5338 L5338 2A Bus Termination Regulator


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The APL5338 linear regulator is designed to provide aregulated voltage with bi-directional output current forDDR-SDRAM termination. The APL5338 integrates twopower transistors to source or sink current up to 2A. Italso incorporates current-limit and thermal shutdown intoa single chip.The output voltage of APL5338 tracks the voltage at VREFpin. An internal resistor divider is used to provide a halfvoltage of VREF for VTTREF and VTT Voltage. The VTToutput voltage is only requiring 10 F of ceramic outputcapacitance for stability and fast transient response. TheS3 and S5 pins provide the sleep state for VTT (S3 state)and suspend state (S4/S5 state) for device when S5 andS3 are both pulled low the device provides the soft-off forVTT and VTTREF. The MSOP-10P package with a copperpad is available which provides excellent thermal impedance.

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