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 Highly integrated battery charger controller

The ISL6253 is a highly integrated battery charger controller for Li-Ion/Li-Polymer batteries. High Efficiency is achieved by a synchronous buck topology and the use of a MOSFET, instead of a diode, for selecting power from the adapter or battery. The low side MOSFET emulates a diode at light loads to improve the light load efficiency and prevent system bus boosting. The constant output voltage c an be selected for 2, 3 or 4 series Li-Ion cells with 0.5% accuracy over temperature. It can also be programmed between 4.2V +5% per cell and 4.2V -5% per cell to optimize battery capacity. When supplying the load and battery charger simultaneously, the input current limit for the AC adapter is programmable to within 3% accuracy to avoid overloading the AC adapter, and to allow the system to make efficient use of available adapter power for charging. It also has programmable charging current with 4% accuracy. The ISL6253 provides outputs that are used to monitor the current drawn from the AC adapter, and to monitor for the presence of an AC adapter. The ISL6253 automatically transitions from regulating current to regulating voltage. A conditioning charge feature provides approximately 10% of full scale charge current to safely charge deeply discharged lithium- ion (LI+) battery packs when t he battery voltage is below 3.0V/cell. ISL6253 has a feature of automatic power source selection by switching to the battery when the AC adapter is removed or switching to the AC adapt er when the AC adapter is available. It also supports aircraft power applications while powering the system and not charging the battery.

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