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The ISL6266 and ISL6266A are two-phase buck converter regulators implementing Intel® IMVP-6 protocol with embedded gate drivers. Both converters use interleaved channels to double the output voltage ripple frequency and thereby reduce output voltage ripple amplitude with fewer components, lower component cost, reduced power dissipation, and smaller real estate area.

The ISL6266A utilizes the patented R3 Technology™, Intersil’s Robust Ripple Regulator modulator. Compared with traditional multiphase buck regulators, the R3 Technology™ has the fastest transient response. This is due to the R3 modulator commanding variable switching frequency during load transient events.

Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning (IMVP) is a smart voltage regulation technology, which effectively reduces power dissipation in Intel Pentium processors. To boost battery life, the ISL6266A supports DPRSLRVR (deeper sleep), DPRSTP# and PSI# functions, which maximizes efficiency by enabling different modes of operation. In active mode (heavy load), the regulator commands the two phase continuous conduction mode (CCM) operation. When PSI# is asserted in active mode (medium load), the ISL6266A operates in one-phase CCM. When the CPU enters deeper sleep mode, the ISL6266A enables diode emulation to maximize efficiency.

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