Maxim MAX17491 Single-Phase Synchronous MOSFET IC


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Please note fitting require good skills and equipment.

Item is not refundable if been used, please check chip before fitting.



General Description

The MAX17491 is a single-phase synchronous noninverting MOSFET driver. The MAX17491 is intended to work with controller ICs like the MAX8736, MAX8786, or MAX17030 in multiphase notebook CPU core regulators.

The regulators can either step down directly from the battery voltage to create the core voltage or step down from the main system supply. The single-stage conversion method allows the highest possible efficiency, while the 2-stage conversion at higher switching frequency provides the minimum possible physical size.

The low-side driver is optimized to drive 3nF capacitive loads with 4ns/8ns typical fall/rise times, and the high-side driver with 8ns/10ns typical fall/rise times. Adaptive dead-time control prevents shoot-through currents and maximizes converter efficiency.