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TFT-LCD DC-DC Converter with Operational Amplifiers

The MAX1518B includes a high-performance step-upregulator, two linear-regulator controllers, and high-current operational amplifiers for active-matrix, thin-film tran-
sistor (TFT), liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). Also included is a logic-controlled, high-voltage switch with adjustabledelay.
  The step-up DC-DC converter provides the regulated supply voltage for the panel source driver ICs. The converter is a high-frequency (1.2MHz) current-mode regu-
lator with an integrated 14V n-channel MOSFET that allows the use of ultra-small inductors and ceramic capacitors. It provides fast transient response to pulsed
loads while achieving efficiencies over 85%. The gate-on and gate-off linear-regulator controllers provide regulated TFT gate-on and gate-off supplies
using external charge pumps attached to the switching node. The MAX1518B includes five high-performance operational amplifiers. These amplifiers are designed to
drive the LCD backplane (VCOM) and/or the gamma- correction divider string. The device featureS high output current (±150mA), fast slew rate (13V/µs), wide
bandwidth (12MHz), and rail-to-rail inputs and outputs. The MAX1518B is available in a 32-pin thin QFN package with a maximum thickness of 0.8mm for ultra-thin
LCD panels.

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