INTERSIL ISL6364CRZ ISL6364 QFN Dual 4-Phase + 1-Phase PWM Controller IC Chip


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The ISL6364 is a dual PWM controller; its 4-phase PWMs control the microprocessor core or the memory voltage regulator, while its single-phase PWM controls the peripheral voltage regulator for graphics, system agent, or processor I/O.

The ISL6364 utilizes Intersil’s proprietary Enhanced Active Pulse Positioning (EAPP) modulation scheme to achieve extremely fast transient response with fewer output capacitors.

The ISL6364 is designed to be compliant to Intel VR12/IMVP7 specifications. It accurately monitors the load current via the IMON pin and reports this information via the IOUT register to the microprocessor, which sends a PSI# signal to the controller at low power mode via SVID bus. The controller enters 1 or 2-phase operation in low power mode (PSI1); in the ultra low power mode (PSI2,3), it operates in single phase with diode emulation option. In low power modes, the magnetic core and switching losses are significantly reduced, yielding high efficiency at light load. After the PSI# signal is
de-asserted, the dropped phase(s) are added back to sustain heavy load transient response and efficiency.

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